Deruhte Dergi is a literary journal which consists of people who are eager to take responsibility in the name of literature. We, as Deruhte Dergi team, are the ones who are not able to ease our conscience by doing a lick of work. However, we are willing to do our best even then our contributions might fall short.

We follow the world of literature closely with hope and also a little concern and we place importance on maintaining this concern each and every day in order for our hopes to retain. Because, we do not consider writing as a mere “time killing tool” or an opportunity to launch a product. Therefore, we make an effort for any improvement.

Accordingly, our team is honored to bear the meaning of its name, Deruhte,-which means “to undertake”- with all the work we do.

Executive Editor: Yakuphan Güleç

Editor: Burak Yasin Taş

Editorial Board: Ahmet Yetik, Onur Çelik, Süleyman Çınar

Proofreaders: Emine Akgün, İnci Yıldız, Şeyda Ayvaz, Zahide Elif Ataseven

Content Editor: Kamil Kurt

Content Producers: Ahmet Yetik, Feyza Yılmaz, Yasin Akteke, Zahide Elif Ataseven,

Photo Editor: Hayrünnisa Akgün

Social Media Coordinators: Ahmet Yetik, Feyza Yılmaz, Furkan Yılmaz, Hayrünnisa Akgün, Zeynep Duman